Below are a preview of all 15 tracks from the new album 'Serenity' . This is an extension to Reflections and is a 60 minute solo piano album. This album is ideal for general relaxation or for any halcyon/tranquil setting. It was commissioned by Jayne Sarah Therapies and has been well received by her clients:.

"Dan Phelps' piano playing is the perfect accompaniment to any relaxation or beauty treatment. His album 'Serenity' has been created to last a duration of one hour, providing fluid, delicate and calming piano sounds as a background for treatments. My clients often compliment the music and have been known to purchase copies of the album to take home in order recreate the relaxing environment.

From a therapist point of view, it's wonderful to have real music playing, rather than artificial sounds. Some clients complain about relaxation music and criticise bird-song and dolphin noises. There's no fear of that with Dan Phelps' music. It's a quality recording of genuine musical talent. I highly recommend that you purchase 'Serenity' and am certain that it will add a touch of class to any treatment room."

Jayne Cockerill – Owner of Jayne Sarah Therapies

Serenity is available to purchase from or from our