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Tom Robinson, Listening Post; Fresh On The Net
The most interesting and adventurous of all- DAN PHELPS – blimey! Although we’ve heard and enjoyed classical-style piano études on the listening post before, we’ve never heard anything remotely this ambitious and daring. My colleagues at Radio 3 shall hear of this!
Steve Harris, Fresh Faves; Fresh On The Net
This shows ambition and daring that far exceeds what we normally hear, and won over the hearts of moderators and readers alike this weekend. Minimum vs Maximum envelops you in the drama of its frantic highs and exhausted lows. The way it jabs at you and darts around at the beginning could be a confrontation, or a hurried escape from a perilous situation, but then it opens up, and while we’re not in the clear yet, things are moving more freely now, there is light and some relief. Occasionally it catches its breath, then takes another run at it. You never quite know where it’s going, but it carries you all the way