Below are a preview of all 14 tracks from the new album 'Reflections' and a video of a live performance (from Newport City Radio) of Fall from the album, as well as the entire album via our Youtube channel.

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Dan Phelps – Fall (Live on Newport City Radio)

Reflections video

Plugged In Magazine on 'Reflections' - Issue 12
"there's a lot to be said for Welsh composer Phelps' collection of pretty solo piano pieces"
Big Issue Cymru on 'Reflections' - April 18-24 2011
"utterly beautiful"
The Musician on 'Reflections' - (The Musicians Union members magazine) - Spring 2011
"Striking solo piano debut…romantic and tender explorations…Blessing, for example, is a stunning piece, which boasts a charming melody and gratifying flourishes. Outstanding"
Chris Phillips from BRfm on 'Reflections' - March 2011
"they are perfect ‘mood’ recordings, to set the scene for an evening by the fire with snow gently landing on the window (Snowfall). The tranquillity of the music just wraps you up in a warm blanket of sound. That is not to say it is not challenging, Fall has a complex progression which is nice to close your eyes and follow around the room.

Starlit Waters conjures up that perfect picture, whilst The Spring has a leitmotif that promises rebirth and freshness, Dawn even had shades of Lara’ theme from Dr. Zhivago (I had to get some pop culture references in), Stillness has a melancholy all of its own.

A wonderful album, less a collection of songs more a raft of beautiful soundscapes to put on and laze the day away, film producers and television execs could do a lot worse than to schedule some of Dan’s work in to their productions. The best £6 you’ll spend this year. As if this body of work wasn’t enough Dan also plays Keys in Bon Jovi and Ska covers bands, some people are so talented it makes you green"
Muso Magazine on 'Reflections' - Issue 51 February/March 2011
"each work ties in aesthetically with its title [Serenity, Tranquility, etc]. The mood and sound are of a kind perfectly suited to a…light and halcyon backdrop."
The Miniature Music Press – January 2011
"[Reflections is] heavily anchored in pastoral imagery and sentiment…There are some very convincing moments, particularly in the harmonic depth of the middle sections in Fall, as well as the pentatonic rushes in Starlit Waters…Reflections provides a very pleasant listening experience"
Buzz Magazine on the 'Reflections' preview – Dec/Jan Issue
"[Dan’s] piano pieces…ripple in stirring fashion – Stillness is notably nocturnal among them."